MPAKT builds successful brands
In today's marketplace, brand-success means cutting through the clutter, standing out on shelf, breaking new ground and engaging consumers. This is what MPAKT does. MPAKT builds beautiful, powerful, innovative brands that succeed. Brands that exceed expectation, break away from the competition and get people talking. For over two decades, MPAKT has been designing, renovating and launching successful brands and sub-brands for L'Oréal, Shu Uemura, Redken, Maybelline, Pureology, Alba Botanica and Ulta, creating award-winning marketing campaigns for Gore-Tex, Moschino and Alberta Ferretti, and directing the creative for Brazil's Vogue Magazine and New York's Fashion Week.
MPAKT builds brands with intelligence, expertise and the competitive edge that comes from a proven track record of successful launches and brand renovations—
along with two decades of insider-experience, powerful and innovative branding, award-winning creative and a 360° brand strategic network:
+ A PROVEN TRACK RECORD MPAKT has designed, built and launched over a hundred successful brands, sub-brands, line extensions and brand-renovations
for companies ranging in size from modest startups to global leaders. + TWO DECADES OF BEAUTY AND FASHION INSIDER EXPERIENCE MPAKT brings insight and industry-perspective acquired over two decades of executive-level
experience strategizing, conceptualizing and directing domestic and international launches, brand renovations and global marketing campaigns for the world's leading beauty and fashion companies. + Powerful & innovative branding The core of MPAKT's objective is creating and building the world's most strikingly beautiful, trendsetting and talked about brands. + Award-winning creative MPAKT-branded products have received the following awards: Le Prix d'Excellence de la Beauté, The International Package Design Award,
The Art Directors Club Award, The American Package Design Award
and The Tokyo Art Directors Club Award. + A 360° BRAND STRATEGIC NETWORK MPAKT utilizes a lean, diverse and highly experienced network of industry leaders in analytics, strategy, marketing and public relations, as well as the world's top photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists for seamless brand-messaging and consistent brand-image… a 360 degree winning strategy for any cosmetic, haircare, skincare, fragrance or fashion brand.
Brand creation and brand building. Brand innovation, renovation and modernization. Brand architecture, guidelines, positioning, message development, naming, logo design and copy development.
Custom and stock packaging design. Packaging innovation, renovation and modernization. Packaging architecture, benchmarking and customer insight research. Stock component sourcing.
Concept development, creative and art direction and copywriting. Creative innovation, renovation and modernization. Advertising platform development, benchmarking and customer insight research. Photography and video production, casting and retouching. Digital design and technical implementation. Retail display and commercial design. Print and production management.
Robert Bergmann, Creative Director
MPAKT is led by Robert Bergmann, former Vice President and Global Creative Director, The L'Oréal Group. While directing creative across multiple L'Oréal divisions, Robert directed numerous strategic global marketing and advertising campaigns, branding and packaging for L'Oréal brands and sub-brands. During his decade with L'Oréal, Robert's most notable accomplishments included the highly successful rebranding of the Redken, Pureology and Maybelline brands, packaging, branding and creative direction of the Shu Uemura Art of Hair brand, and branding and packaging L'Oréal Paris and L'Oréal Professionnel brands. Prior to L'Oréal, Robert worked in São Paulo, Tokyo and New York as Creative Director of Vogue Magazine, New York Fashion Week and the CFDA Awards, Art Director of Interview Magazine, and designer for Academy Award-winning Composer / Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and Musician / Producer David Byrne. Robert began his career as assistant to French Creative Director Fabien Baron. Robert is also a former photojournalist and the founder of Responsibility in Fashion, a nonprofit supporting sustainability and human rights programs in the global fashion industry.
Alba Botanica
Alberta Ferretti
Avalon Organics
Billy Reid
Calvin Klein Fragrances
Condé Nast Publications Int.
David Byrne
Donna Karan Cosmetics
Estée Lauder
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
Forum (Brazil)
The Gap
Gore-Tex Fabrics
Hain-Celestial Group
J. Lindeberg
Jasön Natural Personal Care
Kirna Zabete
L'Oréal Paris
L'Oréal Professionnel
New York Fashion Week
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
Responsibility in Fashion
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Shu Uemura
Vogue Brazil Magazine
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Packaging Pureology: A Case Study
Pureology's iconic hair care packaging gets a fresh, updated look that stands out on shelf. (Originally published in Beauty Packaging Magazine) Since L'Oréal's purchase of the Pureology brand in 2007, there were rumblings that the packaging was going to be updated. It badly needed a redesign and L'Oréal kept the details a big secret in the marketplace. L'Oréal had been repositioning Pureology as a luxury professional brand with a very high price-point, premium ingredients and limited the distribution to high-end salons and spas— and it was the common consensus that the package didn't look luxurious enough to justify its retail price and positioning. Right after designing Pureology's successful 'Colour Stylist' range of products that launched in 2010, it was great to be asked to redesign the visual core product line: Pureology's iconic hair care packaging. The Brief L'Oréal asked for a very distinctive shape that stood-out on shelf— but at the same time the packaging needed to appear soft, feminine and with a natural form to echoes the natural aspect supported by the brand's 100% vegan formulation, sustainable packaging and very strict 'eco-values.' It was also imperative that the neck of the bottle be quite wide (the product is concentrated and has a very luxurious thick viscosity and the previous bottle's thin neck was not optimized for the product. In fact, L'Oréal had received complaints that the product was difficult to get out of the bottle). Additionally, the packaging had to say "luxury, desirability and modernity." The bottle also needed to be stable on a shower shelf, yet easy to grasp when wet and easy to open and use with one hand. And last but not least, the specific challenge was given to us that "the package should look at home on the shelves of the utmost trendy fashion and beauty store in Paris, Colette." The Work Right away we went to work on designing a package that speaks to all the elements of the brief— the wide neck, the eco-values, the shower-grasp, and the luxury. For design inspiration we looked to nature— to the shapes and forms in pebbles, in leaves, in flowing water and in the petals of flowers (Pureology's logo is a flower). We translated these elements through many different ideas and directions ranging from very organic shapes to shapes that retained some sense of the previous packaging. For instance, we designed packages that echoed the past bottle's slim neck, or its flat profile and even some with a textural relief on the neck, as the old neck had. Then the graphics were designed and a color study done. For the graphics, we retooled the logo to look more modern and designed a new modernized pack graphic system and for the packaging colors we chose colors that retained the same color 'cue' for each sub-brand but were more 'pure looking' — lighter, more pearlescent— more sophisticated. For one of the designs, I had the idea to design a bottle that can be used right side-up and upside-down and in the process save on money and resources by making and using only one mold to make two bottles. The choices were narrowed down to three designs and then down to one. In the end, the "multi-function" bottle was the design that was chosen. The Bottle The final new bottle is an asymmetrical curvaceous organic shape that can stand both on its base and on its head with a 40mm neck diameter— wide enough for the thick product to flow freely and is usable with one hand. The packaging is injection molded using FDA approved (food grade) HDPE made of 50 percent post-consumer recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable.
Defining Luxury Beauty: L'Oréal Professionnel and Shu Uemura (by Ron Romanik, originally published in Package Design Magazine) Designer Robert Bergmann divides his time between his agency, Mpakt, and an office at L'Oréal's midtown New York headquarters. Last year, he was working on five L'Oréal brands simultaneously while also running his own agency. Prior to redefining the brand new hair styling lines for L'Oréal Professionnel and Shu Uemura, Bergmann revamped L'Oréal's Maybelline brand.

For Maybelline, L'Oréal's CEO, Jean-Paul Agon, asked Bergmann to redesign, upgrade, and modernize his global brand. Bergmann first redesigned the typography and shape on all Maybelline packages because the brand previously had hundreds of sub-brand logos in different styles, fonts, and typographic personalities. Then Bergmann standardized the logos across all Maybelline promotional material signage and worked with Maybelline's advertising agency to modernize the brand's photographic style, typography, and ad layouts. "It was a super-exciting challenge to redesign the world's No. 1 cosmetics brand," says Bergmann. "The products touch so many people—bringing design directly to so many lives—it was a creative director's dream project."

Bergmann's objectives for the Maybelline redesign were to achieve maximum quality with simplicity and modernity, to achieve greater brand strength and continuity, and to maintain respect for the brand's heritage. Bergmann's creative vision for the brand's redesign is based on strict unification of all typography using exclusively uppercase letters for headlines and product names. Bergmann explains that the choice of uppercase reflects Maybelline's new initiatives highlighting the great potential that woman have in our society. "Maybelline is developing several international programs supporting empowerment of women, and it makes sense that the world's largest cosmetics brand should stand up for women, in all ways," says Bergmann, crediting Agon's trailblazing spirit. "Jean-Paul is an incredibly passionate marketing genius— and better yet, he's a great advocate of design." Two directions at once For Shu Uemura, Bergmann was asked to invent two distinctive and revolutionary packaging directions— modernizing Shu Uemura's signature minimalist packaging and creating the brand's first hair care product lines. Bergmann also directed the launch advertising campaign, photo shoots, and the design of all collateral and promotional material for the brand. Bergmann designed the products under personal approval of Uemura in Tokyo. The products' boxes all bear Uemura's signature and the following quote from Uemura: "Creating something that is universally beautiful, that is art." Bergmann also worked with French industrial designer Christophe Pillet to create the unique silhouette of the shampoo and masque packaging. The new lines consist of 35 luxury shampoos, conditioners, masques, treatments, styling products, and accessories.

For Shu Uemura's advertising photo shoots, Bergmann assembled a Japanese crew and created a unique vision of beauty including hairstyles that featured the Geisha-hairdressing tradition— but modernized. "Finding a Japanese classically trained hairstylist who could bring the styles up-to-date was actually a great challenge," Bergmann says. "We had to test and pass on many hairdressers from Japan, Europe, and the U.S. In the end, the photos clearly echo the spirit of the brand-extreme luxury and true modern beauty." Textures with depth Pierre Lampert, U.S. general manager of the L'Oréal Professionnel lines, explains that the Texture Expert line was conceived to expand their reputation in color care to the hair styling products category. According to Lampert, the primary message of the packaging should be "L'Oréal Professionnel is the Hair Texture Expert" in the context of "Haute Couture Styling Effects." The "te" abbreviation of Texture Expert on the new packaging is a brand evolution from the TecNiArt line of a previous generation. Bergmann believes the modernity of the new packaging is a fashion-forward message, because in fashion image is everything. "If you neglect the image in a beauty brand, you're really not taking advantage of the marketing potential," says Bergmann.

Being a brand new line of 18 SKUs for "A salons" only, the packaging had to make an "announcement" of sorts. "It had to be bold enough, strong enough, and powerful enough," says Bergmann. Finding the right color combinations was time-consuming, as the goal was to both separate and unify the lines for three hair types— fine, medium, and thick. Lampert believes the colors are luxurious and Champagne-like, looking expensive but also possessing equilibrium. Chuck Pollard, V.P. of L'Oréal Professionnel's creative team, was also involved in developing the image of the brand and its merchandising. Pollard made sure the glow of the designs and colors would have maximum impact in different environments, such as on mirrored in-store displays.

Consumer testing showed that the designs and colors hit the mark on haute couture and stylishness, and over 90% of subjects said that they would try the product just on the basis of the impressive high-end packaging. Lampert says that packaging for the hair styling category has to be more edgy, fun, or artistic because hair styling is more about inspiration and creativity. "We wanted the packaging to communicate haute couture styling with an edge," Lampert says.
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